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Scientific View On Bible

The Bible has always been known as the Word of God, but lately mankind has experienced numerous disputes concerning whether it's a really authentic history or just another myth that was skillfully imposed on many generations of people. Usually this great confrontation takes place among scholars, journalists and even saints who try to prove their viewpoint. However, a big number of ordinary people can't also support the idea the Bible is based on real facts. In this way, the authenticity of the great epic Bible is under doubt today and it's supported by the official data offered by pollster George Gallup that in 1963, about two out of three Americans believed that Bible is the word of god. According to the data of 1999, only one American out of three was still sure in this fact, look As for the other countries, this rate is even lower.

If you're interested in the given topic, it's recommended to visit website in the internet. This site offers a great number of facts supporting the ideal that Bible is really the word of God. There should be much more similar websites in order to strengthen people's faith not only in Bible but also in God. Besides, those websites will contribute into the divinity of holy epic Bible and the spiritual life of each separate person.

So, what is the main reason for such a fast increase of the number of people who don't believe that Bible is a true and holy book? Probably, these are scientific inventions and discoveries that are actively made lately contributed into people's disbelief all over the world. The first example of combat between science and Bible is represented by that of Darwin's theory of evolution and the Biblical version of human origin! Unfortunately, at that period of time many people accepted Darwin's theory but few of them even know that before his death Darwin himself rejected his own theory saying that it was far from ideal.

There's a version that this theory laid the foundation for the future debate upon the authenticity of Bible not only among intellectuals of European and worldly-known universities but also among ordinary people. Most of those intellectuals state that Bible was written by not reputed authors and are sure that it's just a collection of tales and myths. To their mind, characters depicted in Bible are just fiction. Nowadays, these biases are penetrated by the greater number of representatives of the scientific community as well as by mass media. Thus, Richard Dawkins who is a zoology professor in Oxford University, says that the Genesis story is the part of Bible that was adopted by a definite tribe of Middle Eastern herders, so it should not have a higher status than just the belief of some West African tribe. And this believe consists in the fact that the world was created from the excrement of ants, according to Richard Dawkins (The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design, 1986, p. 316).

However, the times have changed and the science itself has found significant approval that Bible is the word of God and is true. Thus, for instance, in mid 1800s archaeologists have made archeological dig of the biblical lands and found a great number of facts in favor of the holy Epic Bible.

Finally, it has to be mentioned that Robinson was one of the first people who managed to reveal biblical facts from the scientific point of view. Later, English, German, and French excavators also contributed into this movement as well. And the results are really surprising. Such big cities as Assyrian and Babylonian empires which were mentioned in the Bible existed in reality, as it was proved by numerous excavations.