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Installation Steps for Cabinet Door Knobs

If you're already sick and tired of your old kitchen cabinets and would like to bring life to this part of your house, one of the possible options for you to choose is replacing of the cabinet door knobs. It may seem surprising how a new set of these door fasteners can freshen up the whole area. Thos do-it-yourself project can be easily done even by a non-professional. For this you're offered a few basic installation steps for cabinet door knobs. Stick to all of them and you will undoubtedly succeed.

So, your first step will be to the local store in search of some new pieces of hardware. It's advised to take with you a previously used door knob. By doing this you will be able to select those items that will be the same size as your present screw holes. In this way, you won't need to drill new holes and look for ways of hiding the previously drilled holes in your cabinets.

After buying a number of the necessary cabinet door knobs you can come back home, take a deep breath and find a suitable screwdriver. If you have purchased the knobs that match your present holes it will be not difficult to insert the screws into them. Here you'll be done. But if the holes turned out to be a bit larger than needed you may need some glue for wood, squirt some of it into the hole, wait until it dries and then run the screws through these holes again.

If the new door knobs you've bought have a somewhat different style it may require more time to do the job in order to locate all the hardware pieces evenly. Locate the new knob on your cabinet door and turn it around to cover the old screw holes.

You can mark the door and the hardware with a pencil. To ensure that all elements lines up you need to measure the hole offset. Otherwise, you can make calculation mistake.

Take two pieces of scrap wood with the size 2X4. They should be plywood bolted together in the shape of letter T. then this item can be held close to the cabinet door to mark the exact places of the new holes. Then simply mark the locations on the plywood of the future drill holes on the template.

Drill the holes in the hardware template you have just made. The template you have got can be located on every cabinet door of yours to ensure that each hole will be placed the same way and have the same size.

Now it's high time to install new cabinet door knobs. Take a small pilot bit and a drill. Don't be afraid of drilling pilot holes in the wood, doing this you won't splinter your cabinet facing.

Installation of new door knobs is the last thing you need to do. Place the screws through the hardware and carefully tighten them into the holes. Avoid over tightening as it can strip the screw out of the hole or even damage the door knob.

Installing cabinet door knobs is a very simple task even for those who haven't dealt with anything of the kind. It has to be emphasized that with a new set of door knobs you can significantly update the look of your kitchen with no need to spend much money on a remodeling project. Besides, you will spend minimum efforts and minimum time. In this way, if you're not satisfied with the dull look of your kitchen why not to use an opportunity of visiting the closest store to buy new stylish cabinet hardware. The result won't leave you waiting too long. The process of this hardware installation is extremely easy and you will like the new look of your refreshed kitchen with the least expenses.