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Beach Wedding Favors For Your Special Day!

What season can be better for weddings than summer? And what can be better than beach weddings? Probably many girls are dreaming to get married on the seaside at sunset when the salty wind blows into the faces of all guests and the sounds of waves are lapping during the ceremony. Besides, choosing a beach-themed wedding can be much of fun, but you should remember also about and beach wedding favors. Feel free to break from tradition and create your own wedding favors that will certainly be highly appreciated by your guests, read more

Beach Candle Favors

Candles serve as wonderful beach wedding favors, especially when there's such a great variety of excellent beach-themed designs. There're wax candles and gel candles, and of course different colors and shapes. Your beach wedding favors may have the form of starfish, sailboats, or lighthouses, even nautical-themed candles.

Beach-Themed Chocolates

Most of people are crazy over chocolates, so why not pamper your guests with chocolates as wedding favors that can be designed in different nautical-themed shapes. Thus, you can have them shaped like sailboats, starfish, or even sandals. The only thing you need to consider is keeping these beach wedding favors refrigerated until giving your favors to the guests and they start melting away in the hot summer sun.

Beach Photo Frames

Beach Photo Frames are another wonderful option for beach wedding favors. There's a wide choice of picture frames with seashore themes in the Internet or, they can be even designed and made with your own hands. In order to create your own beach photo frames buy some plain frames and then use some glue to attach seashells to the photo frames and get an excellent beach design. Your guests will be extremely happy to get the frames you have done yourself. Besides, creating such wedding favors you'll save much money.

Beach-Themed Cookies

Many people like eating cookies, so they could be also used in the role of beach wedding favors for your guests. These can be cookies in the shape of shells or sand dollars that are extremely easy and quickly to make. They'll look wonderful and taste awesome!

Decorated Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes can also serve as excellent beach wedding favors. They can be bought online or decorate personally. You should just fix some shells and other beach-themed designs on the flutes and make your guests happy with beautiful flutes they can further use and take home.


Probably, each person uses a pair of sunglasses in summer. Besides, they make excellent beach wedding favors for a seashore-themed wedding. Select your favourite wedding colors or buy them to make the wedding interesting.

Summing up it would be necessary to say that even if your wedding reception won't take place at the seaside, you can use the higher mentioned tips of wedding favors. Nevertheless, beach weddings are really impressive as you can add even more fun with exclusive beach wedding favors. Make wedding ceremony memorable.